AOC Charged With ‘Attempted Riot Incitement’ After Lying About Camps

The truth is right in front of you

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be facing federal charges after her performance at and following her visit to the migrant camps two weeks ago. Her inflammatory lies about the conditions and about ICE and Border Patrol Agents is being viewed by many in law enforcement as an “attempt to cause civil unrest”, or, put another way, an attempt to cause a riot.

Cortez famously cried at the camp gates, lamenting horrible conditions, but it’s since been revealed that she was crying at an empty parking lot, not at what she had witnessed inside the buildings. She was heard to say, “The cars! Look at all the cars! They’re destroying Mother Earth!” This would seem to indicate that she saw nothing weep-worthy about the housing but rather that she was saddened about her usual environmental nonsense. Her “Green New Deal” sure does seem to lower her mood. She should just drop it for the sake of her sanity.

AOC went on to moan about personnel, lying about them by saying  the border patrol crammed 1000 people into spaces meant for 100. The true number of occupants was only 800. She said the prisoners had to drink from toilets. So what? Who doesn’t? She said children walked around in dirty diapers. Bootstraps!

All of this is being seen by the AG as an attempt to stir people up and cause them to storm the camps. The planned, “Storm Area 51”, may be the test run, according to Barr.

Nothing but good can come from storming area 51

This type of criminal behavior cannot and will not be tolerated in the United States of America. Thank goodness Barr is nipping it in the bud.

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  1. Why the hell are YOU lying ? Ive seen them myself first hand ….This is all fake shit this website.SHAME ON YOU..SHOW Me the proof ….

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