Ilhan Omar’s Children Arrested For Starting Church Fire

The truth is right in front of you

The fire broke out at St. Christopher’s Church of Allod in the early morning hours of Saturday. Within minutes it became a 5 alarm blaze to which fire trucks from 3 stations responded. But it was too late. The historic Maine church was utterly destroyed, nothing more than a pile of smoldering ashes by the time fire crews left.

Arson was immediately suspected and a police investigation launched. Surveillance video from a home 5 miles away showed two young women laughing and running, completely carefree. Authorities honed in on them immediately as suspects for no discernible reason and they were soon in custody.

Arrested and charged with one count of first-degree arson each are siblings Impala and Diego Omar, two of the offspring of Democrat House Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota. They currently await trial in the holding cells of Derry County Jail.

Ilhan Omar was very emotional upon hearing of the arrest of her two young children, aged 16 and 18.

“They don’t do that anymore! We went to counselling for their pyromania years ago. This was all supposed to be over with after that school fire! Why is this happening?”

She was referring to a past event where the Omar children lashed out after receiving failing grades by torching their own school. They were caught beside the school with no incendiary devices, and yet were not charged. The family instead underwent extensive therapy, ending only when the therapist pronounced them “cured.”

Obviously, he dropped the ball on that one.

Another young man has since confessed to setting the church fire but police have dismissed him as a wacko despite the unreleased details of the crime he supplied:

“He comes from a good Christian home and a fine family. It’s not him. We got our culprits.”

We know you do. Consider where they came from.

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