Kaepernick: ‘America Is The Biggest S***hole’

The truth is right in front of you

Colin Kaepernick should be at the top of the list for deportation. This is who President Trump is talking about when he recommends people leave America if they hate it so much. Him and everyone like him. The haters. The ones that just can’t seem to say anything good about this great country of ours. There’s a lot of them but Colin Kaepernick may be the worst.

No longer content to wordlessly insult our veterans and flag, not happy with disparaging our heroic boys on blue any longer, Kaepernick is now being much more blunt.

In a Sporting Illustrated interview last week, Kaepernick continued his assault on the greatest nation on earth:

“We live in a pit. Everyone is discriminated against. People are always getting shot and stuff. Women are treated like garbage.

    Just a picture that fits the theme

We have a president that calls people animals. People! He talks about the homes of persons in other nations , calls them s***holes. How dare he! I would bet that he’s never even been to those countries. There are some s***holes on earth, that’s for sure but America…America is the biggest s***hole!  Of that there is no doubt. And it’s getting s***tier under our current President Dump. Dump. The name says it all. He’s s***ting all over us.”

This latest rant should eliminate doubt from even the most liberal Americans. This guy does not belong here.

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