CA Shooter Was Known Anti-Fascist

The truth is right in front of you

William Legan, the Garlic Festival shooter who killed and wounded several people yesterday on a shooting spree, was known to Proud Boy authorities. A political activist, he was an adamant anti-fascist, spouting this radical view to anyone who would listen.

Legan was, as he put it, “a steadfast center right” as far as his political and economic views went. He maintained that America needed less government intrusion into our lives, Reagan was the best President we’d ever seen, and that supply side, or “trickle down” economics was the most sound fiscal policy that the world could use, confident that, if implemented worldwide on a continuous basis, it would eradicate poverty and provide for all.

The shooter made his girlfriend wear a Reagan mask during lovemaking.

“Bootstraps!” he was often heard to say, indicating his strong belief that anyone could get ahead if they were willing to put in the work. He opposed welfare income and loved his guns…..obviously.

But he drew a right wing line at going to extremes. Fascism, the furthest form of right wing policy, was, he said, ” Nazism,” adding that his,” Father fought a war against the nazis and (he’ll) be damned if (he’d) ever let it come to America.”

President Trump wants to declare Antifa a terrorist organization. One could say that this latest mass shooting supports that, except it doesn’t.

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