Surveillance Equipment Found In White House Air Conditioning

The truth is right in front of you

Never make fun of this President. It will always come back around to bite you because he always knows what he’s talking about. He may hide his meaning sometimes. His interviews may sound like lunatic nonsense. But the ultimate message behind his words is always a revelation, the likes of which the world has never known.

Recently, President Trump made mention of how the Obamas had “messed with the air conditioning in the White House……screwing it all up and making it always baking hot or freezing cold.”  Many laughed at him for saying such a thing, as if Barack himself had done the HVAC work and had done so incompetently.

But a routine, post-presidency sweep of the Oval Office has revealed the source of Trump’s gripe. Throughout the room, in every duct were found cameras and listening devices. All were designed to transmit to outside receivers that have yet to be found but it seems quite obvious where the collected surveillance was going – straight into the hands on Barack Obama and his Derp State Cabal.

Every one of the dozen microwave ovens in trump’s office held a camera

So it seems that Obama’s illegal bugging of Trump and his employees and family had not ended in the run-up to the election. This was an ongoing operating of his, carrying on through all of these past few years. It explains how the Derp State has been able to thwart the plans of the Trump Government so successfully time and time again – they had insider knowledge.

Once again, President Trump was right. Though his message may sometimes be confusing, ultimately there is always truth behind his words.

Hopefully, the air conditioning will be fully functional again by the time he returns from Bedminster in the fall.

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