LA Rams Introduce Trans Cheerleaders

The truth is right in front of you

The NFL continues its descent into depravity. First was Colin Kaepernick disrespecting our flag and our veterans with his anthem kneeling. Then came the multitude of other players joining him. Next, the revelation that 96% of the league’s players are convicted felons. And finally, the commissioner’s refusal to suspend or eject kneeling players. But they weren’t done yet. They’ve now added a new low. Not with the players this time, though.  Now they’ve debased the only part of the game that was still worth a damn – the cheerleaders.

The LA Rams are disgracing their cheerleading squad, the LA Ewes, this season by allowing the inclusion of two transgendered individuals. The two “ladies”, Wilemena White and Dorothy Black, were officially assigned their roster spots today after successfully getting through choreography auditions and fitness tests over the past several months. They beat out 253 other contenders for the coveted spots – all of the others being women who were born women.

Black and White insist that they are both real women but Karen Manager disagrees:

“They’re both, like, big. They didn’t have our, you know, feminine body parts. Narrow hips, small bosoms. Manly, you know.”

Team management countered with a statement:

“We don’t know if they are trans or women or whatever, and frankly we don’t care. They perform the routines flawlessly and they are in peak personal fitness. And, in my opinion, they fit those short shirts and half tops beautifully. Like, really nicely. I mean…wow.

They are the ones for our pom-poms. There’s no doubt about it.”

Continue the boycott, Trump Nation!

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