Pelosi Wants Electoral College Gone: ‘It Gave Us Trump’

The truth is right in front of you

The Electoral College is a system that shows our founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing and had the best interests of the country as a whole in mind as they laid governmental groundwork for this great nation. It ensures that all districts across the country are represented and that the liberal stronghold population hubs on the coasts did not constantly and viciously force their candidates and their will upon the rest of the American public.

Perhaps that’s why the democrats want to get rid of it. Were it not for the wisdom of the college, America would have been denied President’s George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump – the last and current Republican presidents – to the massive number of unchecked illegal votes from our western and eastern coastlines. Had that happened, that would have meant perhaps a quarter century of tyrannical liberal rule – enough to bankrupt and destroy the nation.

The democrats know this and so they now seek to eliminate its existence. Nancy Pelosi is introducing a bill next week that would see the Electoral College abolished and those past presidencies that were appointed through it, and not the popular vote, stricken from the record. This would, of course, include that of our current Commander-In-Chief, Donald Juliette Trump.

Pelosi had this to say about that:

“This is a democracy. Majority rules, suckas! At least as far as elections go. Not for laws and rights and stuff. If majority ruled those, women and blacks and such still wouldn’t be considered people under the law.

If majority ruled those, I wouldn’t be allowed to hold public office. Heh heh.”

We like that last bit, Nancy. You’ve almost convinced us.

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