‘The Squad’ Wants ‘Slave Owner’ Jefferson Removed From Rushmore

The truth is right in front of you

The group of female democrats affectionately known as “The Squad” have set their sights on destroying America little by little, chipping away at all we hold dear, while pushing forward a socialist agenda that will eventually destroy humanity. Their latest target? Mount Rushmore, home of the visages of America’s beloved Founding Fathers who all real Americans totally adore and find no flaws with.

In particular, the four are after Thomas Jefferson, one of the four big heads on the mountainside. They’ve somehow got it into their heads that he was an “evil owner of Africans” and “not a worthy representative of our nation.”

This is their ultimate agenda. I think it’s nice.

The truly evil Ilhan Omar had much to say about the great man, none of it good:

“Slave Owner Jefferson owned slaves. Lots of slaves. Oodles of slaves. Slaves as far as the eye can see.

What kind of person owns human beings? Not a moral person, I can tell you that! Good Muslammics don’t own slaves. Slavery is a strictly American thing. Americans are disgusting!

We should not have disgusting villains on a mountainside celebrating America. They are not a good representation. So we are starting the movement to have his ugly face removed.

We’ll be coming for the other three later.”

Are they serious? Jefferson was a key figure in forming America as we know it. He was a saint and he should be honored as one.

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