Trump: ‘America Is No Longer In The Refugee Business’

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump is expected to hold a press conference this weekend in which he will announce major immigration reform with regards to refugee claimants. That is, it’s expected he’ll say,”No more.”

This is the speculation on the Hill after a closed door meeting between Trump and several of his more nazi-ish underlings was overheard by, well, everybody. And not “overheard” so much as “told directly of by the president as he excitedly clapped his hands together and danced around.”   This is, after all, a president who ran on transparency. He has no secrets.

Trump added,”I wish we’d had this policy 90 years ago.”

The decision seems to come on the heels of the arrival of a zillion refugee claimants from Central America who travelled in caravans to our boarder several months ago. The administration received a spot of bad press with regard to their handling of the situation. It seems that firing tear gas at people running for their lives and then ripping children from their mother’s arms so that they could be put in cages is frowned upon by the spineless, tree hugging, pu**y hat wearing, liberal press.

Well, in Trump’s America, we’ve had enough. We can’t take care of the whole world. Seeking asylum in America has long been known to be illegal in our hearts…….and now it will be in the law books. This is what Jesus would do. And America is jesus.

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