Trump’s Walk of Fame Star to Be Replaced With ‘Racial Tolerance’ Marker


After multiple accounts of vandalism and public outcry over recent racist remarks made by President Trump over Twitter, the “Council of Racial Operation Tolerance Concerning Hollywood” voted unanimously to have his star on the world-famous “Walk of Fame” removed, and replaced with a monument to racial diversity and tolerance.  Hollywood Mayor William Shatner agreed with the proposition, commenting that it would serve as a “shining step towards fighting the President’s stoking of his racist base.”  The entire proposal is sure to become as controversial as ending Quantum Leap with a sign reading :  “Sam never made it home”, which some people will never let go.

He’s been trapped turning tricks in Georgia in the 1970’s for years now!

Eileen Ulick, spokesperson for C.R.O.T.C.H., held a press-conference in the foyer of the Boom Boom Room this afternoon :

“Donald Trump is an awful human being, and does not deserve any star or recognition of any kind.  Replacing that eyesore with something that will inspire the better nature of Americans is our duty and obligation.  It will serve to forever remind future generations not to make the same mistake the baby boomers did and be ignorant enough to vote for a demented con man.  Ba Ba Booey.”

Similarly, Bill Cosby’s star has been replaced by a paid advertisement for cheap booze.

As an even more salient blow directly to the President’s tiny balls, the marker will feature the images of the congresswomen known as : “The Squad”, Representitives Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, and Tlaib, whom were the targets of Trump’s most recent attacks.  It will be constructed from the melted ore of the President’s former star as well as several pounds of gold.  It looks like Trump’s falling star might be a little piece of what’s going to Make America Great Again.

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