Kathy Griffin Announces Run For Senate


If you thought the days of washed-up liberal “comedians” trying their hand at politics ended with the disgrace of Al Franken, it looks like you have another think coming.  In what appears to be a desperate attempt to re-brand her image after the humiliation of her failed “statement” with a paper-mache prop of the President’s severed head, the carrot-topped communist has decided to make a run for the Senate seat in the state of New Jersey.

The legendary “Jersey Devil”, seen here leaping away from a woman with giant hair and too much lipstick.

Griffin’s platform is a mix of the usual liberal mumbo-jumbo, from unnecessary “environmental” protection, to easing the burden on low-income families and balancing the budget.   As we’ve seen time and time again, Democrats always tend to bankrupt blue states.  Like the penniless wasteland hell that California has become, for example.

Honestly, those California libs are just…losing…money…uh…well, that’s what Fox says…

Friend of the candidate and similarly unfunny stand-up comic George Lopez spoke on Griffin’s behalf at a fundraiser in Seacaucus at Slap Happy’s Laugh Factory :

“Mi amiga Katarina, si, ella tiene una panocha sussio.  Pero,  la cabeza es intelligente.  Vota Democratica!”

Griffin will be touring the state with her entourage of liberal fools in a car shaped like a Tide pod for the next two months to drum up support.

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