Nike Drops US Flag; Opts For ‘Socialist Shoes’

The truth is right in front of you

By now, everyone has heard the tale of how Colin Kaepernick squashed Nike’s launch of the Betsy Ross Flag Edition Air Cross Trainer Super Duper Running Shoe. It was all set to go, Kaepernick snapped his fingers saying it was “offensive”, and that was that. Shoe cancelled. Such, apparently, is the power of Kaepernick at Nike.

His power seems to also work in the opposite direction. This week, Kaepernick demanded that the marketing department create a new theme shoe…..and they jumped to it.

Having already said no to America in foot coverage form, his creative choice should not have been a surprise to anyone. Using a flag of the now defunct USSR as a design basis, Kaepernick threatened to leave the company if they didn’t obey his wishes and create a “Socialist Shoe”, complete with excerpts from “The Communist Manifesto” printed all over the box.

The former quarterback did not hide his motive for the creation of this type of shoe :

“America needs to learn the better way. The best way. Communism.

The Soviets had it right back in the day, man. Everybody equal and no riches. It’s just. It’s just just. Get the gist?”

This replacement design will hit store shelves in November, just in time to make it onto Xmas lists.

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