Clinton Burial Ground Unearthed By California Quake

The truth is right in front of you

The 6.6 magnitude earthquake and powerful  aftershocks that followed these past couple of days were devastating to California. So much destruction, so much fear, several deaths. But some good came of it for families who had long been searching for loved ones.

What appears to be a serial killer’s burial ground was unearthed by the powerful tremors in a wooded area just outside the epicentre zone. Twenty-six skeletal remains were found and police estimate they some had been in the ground up to a decade.

Work has begun on identifying the bodies and preliminary findings have proved to be shocking. Two sets of remains have been identified as those of Howard F. Eltersnatch and Satya Martin. Both were longtime associates of the Clinton family. Martin is of particular interest to authorities as she had disappeared just days before she was due to testify against Hillary Clinton about her role in Russian election meddling. Her disappearance at that time was considered suspicious and murder was suspected, but with no body, the FBI was unable to link the missing person to any member of the Clinton clan.

Eltersnatch too had a Clinton link. He was an aide to the former president while in the White House who disappeared along with his wife after announcing a planned tell-all book of his time in the capital.

Satya Martin was beaten by unknown assailants just days before her disappearance. This guy just fell down.

After learning of these two First Family connections, the work on identifying the rest has been stepped up. Speculation within the FBI is that this could be the big break they have been looking for. That multiple Clinton connections will be found and that finally Hillary and husband will be put away.

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