Elementary School ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Musical Stirs Controversy


Is 7 years old too young to have a child exposed to an “alternate” lifestyle via a school musical built around a movie about cowboys kissing each other?  Libbey Roosevelt Elementary school in Tidespod, California doesn’t think so.

The character of “Jack” will be played by student Bobby Yanks, a seven year old boy who likes dinosaurs and wants to be a fireman.  His mother says he’s enthusiastic about going onstage next weekend, where he will tenderly hold and cuddle his schoolmate Hector Alize while singing a song called: “I Can’t Quit You.”  But even in California, there are pockets of upstanding moral Trump-supporters that are fighting to have the production shut down.  Waste management employee Clee Torris is one of them.

“It ain’t right having boys kissin’ other boys in some play.  My mamma would have got out the belt if she’d seen that.  This is part of an agenda.   This is indoctrination.  Whoever’s idea this was oughtta be fired.”

Co-teachers Mr. Kay and Mr. Place wrote the musical score during a wonderful weekend at a spa.

So far, the show will go on this weekend, with tickets flying off the shelf.  Only in California, folks.

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