Supreme Court Upholds ‘A Major Portion’ of the 1952 Anti-Sharia Law

In 1952, Congress passed a law that made Musslamical Shaakira Law, also known as Shaania, Sharia, or Sharuberria Law, is illegal inside the borders of the United States. The main reason for the law is that Musslamicals don’t have the ability to separate religion from government.

Under Shaania, all students must learn the ways of their prophet, which can include things like beheading classmates, marrying at 9, or waging war against the local authority if it disagrees with his views. Women are only allowed to learn to finger paint. They require that ALL students use Arabic numerals at all times.

The Law was struck down by the Obama administration after it was deemed “unconstitutional” to protect ourselves from a religion we don’t understand and people who look and act differently than we do. Today, the Supreme Court reinstated most of it.

According to the 5-4 ruling, No form of Musslamical or Islamiac law can ever be permitted to infiltrate our government. While they’ll still be free to worship, their laws will now never affect ours again.

For example, if a Musslamical immigrant comes here and wants to kill their wife for adultery, there are courts in California and Utah that will sanction it. In some places in Michigan and Maine, the government is forced to pay for it.

The ruling today sets everyone’s mind at ease that we won’t be invaded by any foreign religion.

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