Michael Jordan Leaves ‘Kaepernick’s Nike’, Takes Air Jordans With Him

Michael Jordan is having no part of the new Nike. He left once before when Kaepernick first showed up as the traitorous face of some fake “courage” campaign. He was sued and had to come back.

This time, Michael isn’t messing around. Not only is he leaving, but he is taking the formula for Air Jordans — a formula he owns the right to — with him. It’s a game-changer.

According to industry experts, Jordan is signing Nike’s death warrant:

“Without the anti-gravity liquid they use in the heels of those shoes, Nike is nobody. The rest of their stuff is trivial. Air Jordans are still three times more expensive than any other shoes because of that formula. Losing it isn’t something they’ll survive.”

Jordan hasn’t said which company his famed shoes will end up at, but he’s secretly hoping for New balance, according to a friend:

“Mike loves New Balance. Everyone keeps talking about Converse, but they haven’t been a contender for years. There’s also the possibility that he just makes ‘Air Jordan’ a company of its own.”

Economists say that if Jordan starts his own company, he’d be the second richest man on Earth next to Elon Musk in no time.

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