Obamas Cheered At Chicago Pride Parade


President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle were cheered heartily as Masters of Ceremonies at this year’s Pride parade in Chicago.  Pride parades over the last weekend ran to celebrate the LGBTQ communities in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and 38 other major cities.  The Obamas took time out from their scedules of operating a devious deep state government organization hell-bent on destroying Donald Trump, capitalism, and Christianity to attend their local festivities.

Obama is also the head of evil spy network “S.P.E.C.T.R.E.”

The parade began at 11 a.m. and proceeded down Chicago’s Main street, featuring gay motorcycle groups, Salsa dancers, and floats and balloons representing beloved gay figures from history, including Harvey Milk, Freddie Mercury, and Condoleeza Rice.  At 2, the parade halted at Chicago’s City Hall, where President Obama gave a short speech :

“I feel nothing but love for my gay brothers and sisters here today.  I know a few of you have been drinking a bit.  I was planning to have a few beers, but no one wanted to take my birth certificate as I.D.  (Laughter and cheers).  Love is something that can’t be protested.  It can’t be beaten.  And it must stand strong against those, like a certain egg-shaped trash bag currently in the White House, who would see it marginalized.  You are my army.  Remember who the enemy is.  It isn’t love.  It’s the Trumptard.  Go forth and have at them, my friends!  Praise be Allah!”


Lesbian Stormtrooper Moff Dyvor took the day off from enforcing the Empire’s iron-fist fascism to entertain families she would later round up to work in the Duriam mines on Krapakkula.

At the finale of the parade, the Obamas danced with admirerers to music by performing artists “Erasure”, and were then driven back to the Obama compound to continue work on a space-based weapon that can reportedly atomize Bibles from orbit.  The compound, the ride back, and their security were all paid for by your tax dollars at a weekend rate.

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