Giuiani Will Cross-Examine Mueller: ‘Now He’s Made it Personal’

President Trump’s personal attorney and brilliant legal mind, Rudy Giuliani, has informed the Congressional Oversight Committee that he will be acting as Solicitor General in the Mueller probe. Giuliani will be there every step of the way to cross-examine the lying Democrat plant and make sure he tells the truth and reveals as little as possible about the classified sections of his report:

“I will be going through all of the Senator’s questions beforehand and making sure they won’t be struck down by a higher court and I will personally ask the tough questions of the traiterous Robert Mueller.”

Giuliani and the White House have been owning the libs for more than 3 years now, stumping them every time they get close to catching our great negotiator doing something to help his country.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who will ask the leading questions from the Democrats that will make Trump sound guilty of obstruction, says she’s confident the New Green Deal will pass and that Trump is just in the way:

“Once we’ve gotten to the bottom of this Iran thing, the border crisis will be dealt with and we can move on to getting rid of tractor-trailers and motorcycles.”

The Democrats are basically salivating over the thought of putting their guy on the stand to read his report as though it’s any of his business. Who do they think he is? He already said his testimony would only be what’s in the report. Can’t someone just read it to them?

Can’t someone just read it to all of us?

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