Pelosi Gave Al Gore 4.1 Billion For ‘Hydrogen Farms’


If Nancy Pelosi was your financial manager, by now you’d probably be living in a double-wide somewhere with a yapping dog and a T.V. with a bent antenna.   Once again the Queen of Corruption has used our hard-earned tax dollars on nonsense.  After an investigation by the New York Daily Felcher, evidence came to light that she had made a 4.1 billion dollar investment in Al Gore’s latest global warming scam, “Hydrogen farming.”

This hydrogen-farmed cow is named : “Blimpy McPissface” after our President.

Gore, the originator of the idea that we, the people, are somehow hurting the planet even though we are very tiny in comparison to it, approached the Speaker sometime in January, and received the funding last week.  His hydrogen farms will, theoretically, “scoop” hydrogen from out of the air, ionize it, and hold the energy that results to use as power.  Which, yes, is ridiculous.


Pelosi defends her socialist spending spree by contending that waste-free energy is a high priority green initiative meant to ween America off of fossil fuels.   I’m pretty sure that between her and Hanging Chad Gore, they’ll certainly be weening us from our money.

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