Lawyer For Border Detainees Files Kidnapping Charges Against I.C.E. Agents


In what may just be the start of a devastating pattern, police in San Juniperro Texas, at the behest of attorney John Guluv, arrested 15 ICE agents this morning in a raid of the immigrant children’s detention facility known as: “Ferdsheist” near the southern border.  Recent exposes and headlines have brought the plight of the children back into the public spotlight, due to deaths, squalid and inhumane conditions, and mismanagement.  The agents were charged with kidnapping, as well as varying charges of child abuse and neglect.  Their individual names have not yet been released.

For God’s sake, the kids in “Thunderdome” had it better.

Guluv, a junior partner at nationwide law giant Wolfram and Hart, told the gathered media that these arrests have been a long time coming, and may ultimately lead to action against former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as well as President Donald Trump:

“These facilities and this policy is evil and unconscionable, to be simple.  Trump and Sessions specifically said that it was purposefully cruel to ‘scare’ migrants away.  This is not the attitude a civilized nation takes.  There is no excuse.  Kidnapping, abusing, and criminally neglecting children, no matter where they came from is horrifying and illegal and I will see justice done.”

…and then there’s some Justices that will do you, whether you like it or not…

It looks like times ahead may be rough for President Trump and his new A.G. William Barr.  But it seems that being a disgusting son of a bitch who enthusiastically embraces the death of kids because they’re too brown for his taste is going to have consequences.  We hope.