Ben And Jerry’s Debuts Joe Biden Ice Cream


It’s a distinct honor when legemdary ice cream makers Ben and Jerry’s creates a flavor in your honor.   Next week, in conjunction with the Biden 2020 campaign, everyone’s favorite Vice President will have his own : Uncle Joe’s Killa Vanilla.

An alternate name, “Biden’s Ridin’ Limon” didn’t really work out.

Founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are supporters of the former V.P., and thought it would be fun to contribute their own brand in an effort to expunge who they refer to as : “The Pumpkin Blumpkin”, meaning President Trump, from the White House.

Cohen explained.

“I think ‘Killa Vanilla’ really captures the vibe of what Joe’s all about.  We took more mature vanilla beans and our oldest nutmeg.  Then we added cinnamon that we literally let sit in the middle of the road. Lastly, we churned it until it was as creamy white as possible.  People are gonna love it.  We certainly wouldn’t make one for Trump.”

Greenfield nodded, adding :

“I don’t know if we could accurately reproduce the exact flavor of Russian hooker urine anyway.”

In response to the release of the candidate’s confection, the Bernie Sanders campaign has announced “Bernie Bagels”, which are stamped with he candidate’s name and served with : “a little socialist schmear.”


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