Giuliani Releases Content of Trump’s White Memo from Mexico

President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, has revealed the contents of the secret memo the press can’t stop talking about to a select few in the DC press pool. Our source inside the DC Caller, who may or may not have worked for Mike Pence during the Bush administration, says the news is huge.

Along with an entire message written and broken down to a 15-digit code only President Trump will be able to read came a personal message from Mexican President Terance de la Kolatio el Cortez Cardinal Torez said through his spokesman, Arturo Tuboljeros:

“Entuejorohas de huamitalo en escalinterane. You will have your deal. We will seal it in Mexico City on the 7th at 7 with pseudologia fantastica. Hasta le Winebejo.”

The cryptic message wasn’t difficult for the code-talkers at the CIA. For a seventh straight generation, Hopjabeski Indians have kept our algorithms a secret from our enemies by chanting them into ceiling fans at the Pentagon. Once they figured out what the sender was saying, they gave President Trump the go-ahead to seal the deal and tell the American people.

It really is that simple. If that didn’t lock it down for you in a completely not-ridiculous way, I would urge you to read the president’s 2017 State of the Union as well as his comments while burying the dead tree with Macron.

More is going on here than meets the eye. The only thing we can be sure of is that there are 30 million of us sharing a singular mentality, which is dangerous, and yet somehow wonderful. In the end, should society break down, we’ll be far too stupid to be anything other than food and cheap labor, thus completing the cycle.

The Bible says the meek shall inherit the earth. How meek will they be when that happens?

EDIT: *Wow, Teresa…I really phoned this one in…

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