Ihlan Omar Commited Treason and Nancy Pelosi Covered It Up

Nancy Pelosi is hiding a secret that could get her thrown out of Congress — and Ilhan Omar thrown in prison. On the day of the inauguration, Pelosi was aware that Omar was about to commit treason, and not only did she ignore it, she covered it up.

According to an aide who walked away from the Democrats after seeing Omar’s agenda of Shania Law and Moon God worship, the crime is unforgivable:

“Omar carried a piece of paper in her Quran vowing to “lead the destruction of the Trump administration. She told people it was just something she had vowed to do, so she wanted it as part of her oath, but given her heritage, I thought it was a bit weird.”

Her “heritage,” of course, is Muslammic. She even admits it, unlike her friend and campaign donor Barack Obama. According to the center for Internal Religious Policing, Ilhan Omar’s faith follows Allahu and can’t be held as completely separate from the men who guard the secret of the mummy in The Mummy. That in and of itself should be considered treason.

On top of that, the Supreme Court has ruled that oaths taken on Qurans, Korans, and Q’rans don’t count, as all three faiths are Muslammical and follow Islamiac Laws and Shakira Doctrine. Americans won’t accept that amount of religion in their lives nor will they simply turn a blind eye to that form of hip-shaking. It is, simply, disgraceful.

By covering up Omar’s treason, Pelosi has herself opened a world of pain. Mitch McConnell will have the Senate do nothing but investigate until the first week of January in 2021. Both of their days are numbered.


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  1. It was said that one of them her or Tlaib was sworn in on Q’ran but didn’t know it was true but I said if she did then they are not legally sworn in and what ever person who let her do that should be fired too.

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