Nancy Pelosi Denies Funding for Trump’s 4th of July Celebration

The Chairman of the House Ways and means Committee, Rep Art Tubolls (D-Maine), has confirmed that he will indeed honor the request from the House Speaker’s Office to halt funding on “Trump’s Display of Nationalist Buffoonery.”

What does that mean? It means the 4th of July Celebration will not happen with a single federal dollar. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have found a way to be so petty that it will cause the skies over DC to be dark on Independence Day. No bands, no food trucks. No none of it.

According to the Orlando Informer:

“The best thing to do in DC that day will be sweat with the crowds all assuming there will be a show. They don’t understand that it costs millions of dollars to run that show and Pelosi can simply say no.

Not to worry, though. Outr insiders say there’s a good chance that Trump will use his military budget to roll a show of tamks and missile carrying things he’s had built so we’ll look as badass as Russia did when he was a kid.”

That’s great news. We’d be happy to give up fireworks for a chance to see the might of America on display. Heck, I’d bring my kids if they weren’t so terrified of live ammunition from that one time.

Anyway, President Trump’s office says they’ll be squashing Pelosi and Tubolls like bugs in 2020 and not to worry, because the show will go on if Trump has to personally borrow the money to do it.

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