AOC Calls America “The Enemy” at Children’s Event

Alexandria al-Occasio-Cortez, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, made waves earlier when she referred to America as “The Enemy” in a speech to middle school students.

According to the transcripts from the speech, AOC said:

“Refugees and immigrants are coming here looking for a better life. America is the enemy.”

She was probably saying that America is the enemy because like lots of liberals, they think wanting to erect a 30-foot wall for no good reason but to send a signal that we’re badasses isn’t effective. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

Look at Sr Mailman 3rd Class Bri-Bri Kolfage’s wall. For the span of 2640 feet (give or take) of private property, Immigrants who walked a couple of thousand miles will be utterly inconvenienced. To traverse an entire half of a mile will expose them to the elements, predators, and local militia looking to send them packing.

And the libs will tell you walls don’t work. According to our source inside the border militia:

“We’ve seen at least 10 or 20 people just stare at it and shake their heads. Then they turn around and go home. They don’t even know they can just walk abit in either direction, because they think the wall is a thousand miles long. So really, that half-mile section is worth like…100 miles and billions of dollars.

Every American should thank Bri-Bri for his brilliant idea.”

The AOC campaign says it has no comment on the issue and that the quote is taken “out of context.” Right, traitor. Like any context would work for you. Please be gone soon.

The liar’s people clarified their accusations with their own version of the quote, which they call “complete.”

“Refugees and immigrants are coming here looking for a better life. America is the enemy. The enemy of tyrany and oppression. They come here like all of our ancestors did, yearning to be free.”

We haven’t been able or willing to confirm or deny if she actually said that, since it doesn’t fit the narrative and actually makes sense.

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