Hillary found washed up in front of mosque in Arkansas flood

Hillary and the Clinton Cabal is being flushed down the Arkansas River

During these horrendous times of non-global warming, Killary was found by Sharif Dontlikeit (no clash ensued) on the steps of the Little Rock Mosque, Savings and Loan. Saddened by the turn of events and her willingness to give so greatly to the Mussalmanic community, HRC was given a 21-gun salute parade by Burqas on Parade (BOP). Two potratriotic protestors, aka the KKK aka Trump’s very fine people, survived the salute and lived to paddle back in their dinghies (yeah, I said dinghies) to their reconstructed homes.

Be-BOP-a-lula, I don’t mean maybe…

Our prescient president, who knows that water is wet, declared that the place where Hillary’s washed-up body in Arkansas, home of the evil Clinton Cabal, be designated as a hazardous site. She was bound to escape the clutches of the Q-Anon crowd, but she can’t escape Mother Nature, because everyone knows you can’t fool her.

One last important detail is that Killary was found with a Benghazi tattoo on her inner thigh, that was confirmed later by Trisha Blake, our intrepid reporter. Apparently, the tattoo was given the night before, and was construed as a direct middle finger at Trey Gowdy and the Republicans at the hearings where nothing was ever found.

Rest In Peace, Killary. You lacked the gills to survive this, and we couldn’t be happier. May you sleep with the fishes which Noah didn’t do, either (did he have two of every species of fish in aquariums?). Perhaps it’s whatever they sleep with in the Arkansas River – three-eyed creatures, perhaps?

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