Ilhan Omar Proposes Tax on Pork Products ‘So Costly Nobody Will Buy Them Anymore’

Ilhan Omar thinks she’s found the perfect way to dispose of “unhealthy and immoral” pork products. In a secret meeting of US Musselamicmen for Shakira Law, Omar praised a plan brought by the now-majority Islamiatite Legislature to limit pork coming into the state, commenting that “It’s a good enough plan to bring nationwide.”

Omar’s spokesman, Busa al Usta Taroli, said she’s definitely looking to end the “smite” of pork:

“Pork isn’t only spiritually unclean according to the Moon God, Allahu, it is also unhealthy for human consumption. The Almighty Moon would have never blessed the Prophetite Mecca with the Golden Dome of the Temple Mount in Philistine had he intended him to lead his people to swine.”

While that might make perfect sense to her and her ilk, it makes no sense to folks that love the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Ismail. They always forget about poor Ismail.

Omar’s plan is to make sure all of our pork is exported in whole pig form to a country that has nobody that will be upset by the sheer horror of the Shania Law being broken. If you can believe that. From there, it would be taxed, processed, taxed, shipped back, taxed, unpackaged for inspection, tariffed, repackaged, taxed, and put out to market with applicable state and federal taxes.

According to our source in her office, who may or may not be totally reliable, Omar is “Looking to tax the bejesus out of pig.”

Word of her intentions is slowly creeping across the internet. Official channels and MSM certainly won’t report it.


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