Trump Clarifies His Posisiton on Abortion in Interview with Oprah – Liberal Heads Explode

Oprah Winfrey and the rest of the Democrat social justice warriors thought they had gotten one over on the pro-life movement when they heard Trump say Alabama’s new laws were “too restrictive.” They thought he was approving of women being able to use abortion as birth control and execute their babies up to a full month after they’re born.


Oprah, who hasn’t recorded a show in over a decade, ran a “special edition,” thinking she was going to outwit the President of the United States. How unfortunate. When she asked the loaded question, “So if you can abort a child in the case of rape or incest, even if there’s nothing physically wrong with it, isn’t that still an innocent life lost?” Trump brilliantly responded:

“When you’re talking about life, you’re talking about something¬† bigger than any of us. The creator told us that life started when he said so. I think we should listen to that. Is life the first beat of the heart or the first thought of the brain or the moment in two cells when osmosis turns nucleotides into bases and proteins into bases. Science and God are not all that much different, so life will be whether we like it or not, so what we decide is in God’s hands now.”

Oprah asked President Trump for some clarification because as she stated to the “reporters” at CNN and the New York Times, “nobody really understands what any of that means.” Maybe you didn’t understand it, being an atheist liberal, but for us God-Fearing Christians, we understood it perfectly. We champion God’s causes no matter what, and God loves all children; he said he knew them before they were born.

Trump’s position is now clear: He is only for abortion in the extreme case that God himself wills it, which would most likely come in the form of a message or signal to the local clergy, who would then decide whether to abort, deliver and adopt as a child of the cloth, or — in the case of ectopic pregnancies — be transplanted into pigs or goats to gestate. Clearly, President Trump favors the Word above all else, and knows that he’s not in the position to make that decision.

He chooses life. God demands it.

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