Fire in Mansinki Federal Storage Facility Destroys Clinton Email Evidence

When the bells rang at the Bellingham, Virginia firehouse, they immediately knew what was happening. Only one building in this tiny town was big enough to ring four alarms: the Mansinki compound.

Built in 1887 by Secretary of War Wilhelm Mansinki, the facility has been the black site storage facility for some of our country’s most closely guarded secrets and criminal evidence since the Cold War began. The fire, which destroyed the criminal investigation warehouse, took out some of the most high-profile evidence ever collected that was still in processing, as well as sensitive materials from active cases.

The former included the letters Ted Bundy wrote to Olivia Newton-John, Timothy McVeigh’s manifesto, and the files long-abandoned on the Zodiac Killer. The latter included open cases against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — most notably the actual physical server seized from her home. The FBI’s technical expert, Art Tubolls, explains:

“That server held the key to Clinton’s prison sentence. Somewhere on that machine is a log of every entry she deleted. Had we gotten that, it would have been over for her. It’s been in the process of being tested for years but we could never crack the password. Now we’ll never know what was on there.”

The fire started when an electric skillet full of canola oil and french fries apparently spilled, engulfing the lone security guard cooking them in flames. From there it took fewer than 11 minutes to destroy every piece of evidence in the building.

The Clintons had no comment other than to give a reporter from Breitbart the finger. They’re laughing all the way to a retirement free from the justice they deserve.

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