California Responds to Pro-Life Legislation, Legalizes Abortion ‘Up To 30 Days After Exit’

California has decided to play politics with abortion. In an unprecedented and unconstitutional ruling that violates the rights of millions of pre-born people, the State Supreme Court says that babies in that state can be legally “aborted” up to “30 days after exit from the womb.”

So a baby, at one month old and just starting to coo and smile, can be “aborted” if the new parents don’t like it or decide they weren’t ready, or in the cases of many liberals, dispose of it just for fun.

A spokesman for Governor Gavin Newsome said that all of the “oppressed” women from red states are welcome in Cali:

“We welcome those wishing to get a perfectly legal medical procedure that they have no religious or moral dilemmas with to come to California and do so. We won’t even ask your name. You’re welcome to utilize one of our 13 state-funded clinics, offering drive-through morning after pills and pregnancy termination in under an hour — or your next one is free!”

Yes, folks. That’s what it’s like to live in liberal America. California takes more of our tax money than any other state, and now they want to use it to fund drive through abortion clinics? It’s madness. Republicans are asking the courts to look at this barbaric law to see if anything can be done.

There must be a way to get this issue before a conservative judge who will protect the sanctity of life by exerting control over the women of California for their own good.


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