Sasha Obama Registers to Vote as a Republican: ‘My Family Doesn’t Define Me’

Do We Trust Her?

That seems to be the question as the world slowly learns that the youngest of Obama’s daughters has registered to vote in Washington DC — as a Republican. According to sources at two liberal “news” outlets that refuse to release the story, Sasha Obama participated in an early registration program at her school ahead of her 18th birthday, which is June 31st of this year.

The sources acquired both first-hand images and sworn statements from the organizers of the event that the form Sasha Obama handed them showed that she wanted to be a member of the GOP. Sandy Batt, head cheerleader and student body President, told us:

“I was standing right there. The girl made her come back and asked if there was a mistake. She told her to check herself, she’s no robot for the Democrats, and walked away. It…answered the question.”

Sasha has since sent a letter to the RNC confirming the report, stating that her family “Does not define me” and insisting she be allowed all the rights and responsibilities of a member of the party.

What if she’s a plant?

We’ve seen it before. They make their way into our groups and pages, stealing them and goating them and leaving us with nothing but regret. Is it possible that Sasha Obama is being planted in the Republican Party to gather intel and infiltrate?

We can’t just pretend that there isn’t a possibility that she’s on the Deep State payroll and looking to be the other kid everyone forgets about — until she gets in deep enough to unravel the fabric of the party.

Until we know for sure, the best way to proceed is to accept her with open arms. We love it when celebrities do the #walkaway.  It gives us all a reason to smile.


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