Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Ban on Tractor-Trailers: ‘Trucks are Killing America’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said some pretty wild things. She’s claimed that Carbon Dioxide isn’t a harmful gas and yet she still goes on and on about global warming. Last month she proposed a nationwide ban on motorcycles because of the “safety risks” involved.

Now, she wants to place restrictions on people who drive a semi for a living:

“Private truck drivers are destroying America. They get like 4 miles to the gallon, they think they own the road and they throw bottles of pee out their windows so they can keep driving. It’s a barbaric industry. Trucks should all be government regulated and drivers should be on full-time camera until we can figure out how to automate our shipping and do away with them altogether.”

AOC maintains that of the 400K people who die on our roadways each year, more than 80 percent can be attributed to trucks. Apparently, she pulled those numbers from her pooper, because she’s not even close.

What’s more, trucks and truckers contribute more to the economy than any other subset. Without them, we wouldn’t have any food, clothing, building materials, or MAGA hats. This woman is, essentially, nuttier than a fruitcake.

When will it end? At what point will the Democrats see what we see? They certainly don’t seem to care about all her craziness. They like a minority woman who asks tough questions and isn’t afraid of the men running the country. They think she’ll be a force of nature when really we’ll just call her names like “nasty” and “emotional” and claim she’s unhinged. It’s an effective strategy we’ve used for 100 years. Why change now?

Your days are numbered, AOC.


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  1. We’ve got to wonder who is behind getting AOC into office. After all, a federal congressional seat for the State of New York is a fairly coveted position.

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