Pelosi Ends Morning Prayers in the House Because They’re ‘Too Divisive’

Nancy Pelosi fancies herself a “good Catholic.” In her world, you can do the evilest of things, step into a box, and a man can grant you absolution. Not that there’s anything wrong with her version of Christianity — it’s just not the same as the rest of ours. In our Christian world, you love God, Jesus, and your Country and you’re proud to show it.

Nancy Pelosi hates God, having removed a 150-year-old sign from the Chamber of the House. She hates her country because she’s a Democrat who supports letting people other than Americans be American.

Now she is revolting against her Country and her God by suspending morning prayers in the House of Representatives. She made the announcement with Musslamic Senators Ilhan Omar, Corey Booker, and Al-Ocasio Cortez standing with her:

“Rather than wasting time the taxpayers pay us for by praying to our God, let’s instead take that 10 minutes in the morning and have muffins and gather to get to know one another. We invite all members of Congress to join us for our morning communion.”

Yes, they are actually calling getting together to eat pastries and drink coffee “communion.” As though anything positive will come of it. People need to sit down, shut up, and pray when the time comes to pray. Not smile and welcome each other peacefully in hopes of a better relationship. What kind of crap is that?

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