Ilhan Omar’s $4 Million Taxpayer-Funded Office Is Raising Eyebrows

Ilhan Omar has some explaining to do. According to our source inside the Bureau of Congressional Acquisitions, Omar was allowed to bypass regular House spending rules for offices because she claims her religion requires “a spiritually sound work environment.”

Spiritually sound to the tune of $4 million. Omar’s office is, by any standard, extravagant and unnecessary. The law she quotes on spirituality is the 4th Chapter of the Quariander, a companion guide to the Musslamic holy book. Therefore, she’s seeking Shania Law here in the United States.

The Budget Office can’t do much about it other than refer the matter to the Speaker of the House, which is a futile effort. According to Quartermaster at Arms Art Tubolls, distributing supplies and rearranging offices comes under Nancy Pelosi’s purview:

“Speaker Pelosi personally signed off on these upgrades and says she loves spending time in Omar’s office. They drink expensive espresso from a $60K machine only sold in Somalia. They eat fruits and dates shipped in fresh daily from Palestine, and inside the US Capitol, in a walk-in closet, is a full Musslamic shrine to the Moon God Allahu and his 13 reptilian children.”

So she gets special treatment and an office that looks like it should be a museum.


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