Julian Assange Moved to Protective Custody Due To ‘Credible Threats From His Enemies’

Interpol, MI6, and Mossad have all mobilized to get Julian Assange to safety after “disturbing chatter” began coming from the dark web. The CIA informed the foreign services that they would handle security for Assange, but they had to get him to Israel. The Brits and Interpol have secured Assange, traveling over land and at night for safety and Mossad is waiting for him at the Israeli Border.

According to CIA Director, Art Tubolls:

“We have credible threats that dangerous assets affiliated with known enemies of Julian Assange made sudden, unexpected, and redundant moves shortly after he was placed in British custody. Those assets are listed as Clinton Foundation Shipping, Chelsea Moving and Freight LLC and Bubba Gump Shrimp in Orlando. Those three sending containers to the same area at the same time is code to take him out.”

CIA analysts from prior administrations say Tubolls is more of a professional bowler than a lawyer, politician, or someone else qualified to do his job and that two American charities sending freight across the ocean at the same time happens literally every day. Sounds like some Obama-loving libturd joined the conversation, amirite?

Assange will be treated as a guest in Israel due to his pending deal to turn over evidence against Clinton for clemency for treason. A great deal for America.

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