Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Forced to Resign After Disgusting Picture Surfaces

Nancy Pelosi’s youngest daughter, Charity Noabeth Pelosi-Isadorable, will have no choice but to step down after a disturbing picture came out from her college days.

In the photo, Charinotybeth, which is her shipped name, can be seen bending into an obscene position — which is already bad enough — but the rest is simply…unforgivable:

Anal rainbow creation is illegal in all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.

Not only is she in danger of never being employable again, she can kiss her political career goodbye as well. While anal rainbow creation is technically illegal in all 50 states plus, there is no ordinance inside the District of Columbia, so she won’t face any criminal charges.

President Trump issued a statement immediately, calling for the young Pelosi to step down:

“Traveling to a country run by rapists and drug lords to shoot rainbows out your ass is the oranges of evil. It’s the. Oranges. The beginning. These people are spreading the gay like we all want some. It’s inspicable.”

The liberals, of course, jumped on the president’s invention of a new word and his inability to say “origins,” when it was their guys who said “nucular” and couldn’t spell “potatoe.” Lincoln was ours. He spelled everything wright. They were also quick to chuckle when the President said, “Huh. You know I never bothered to ask what the DC stood for. It’s not important. Washington was my hero, not some Mexican.”

Pelosi-Isadorable released a statement of her own, agreeing to remove herself from public life:

“At the President’s request, I will quit my job at the Downtown Ramada and go back to hanging out at mom’s ranch in Palo Alto. Not real sure what big deal is. Peace!”

Hopefully this nightmare is over and the country can begin the healing process. Early estimates indicate that the illegal anal rainbow may have increased America’s overall gayness level to the breaking point. May God have mercy on us all. And comfortable shoes.

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