Fox: Shep Smith Will Get His Own Show to Replace Tucker Carlson

According to our source, Kevin, at Fox News, Shep Smith has positioned himself to get his own multi-million dollar prime time show on the formerly trusted network. Smith, who was named Program director by the new owners at Novus Ordo Seclorum Inc (Soros and Obama), is ultimately who decides which journalists go where.

In a conversation with Kevin, Shep said:

“We can’t keep selling the same tired old racism and hate. The old base is dying. Nobody wants to watch a little weirdo with a bow tie talk about how radical Islamic terrorists are waiting in your bushes.

Just be glad this whole right-wing experiment is over. Fox is a real network now, reporting real news.”

Real news/ Shep Smith is the guy who sits on the air and calls our president a liar just because he sometimes says untrue things. He calls him a racist just because his entire administration seems to be aimed at discouraging the livelihoods and very existence of minorities. Those aren’t bad things, people, they’re real things. Some people call it ignorant, we call it survival, amirite?

Shep will start recording his new show at the end of this week and has sent a formal request to the board to have Tucker Carlson either fired or demoted to “hateful commentator.”

And that right there. folks, is why Fox will never be the same again.

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