Beto O’Rourke Poses For Picture After Drunk Driving Accident – Cops Look the Other Way

Beto O’Rourke almost got himself into another drunk driving arrest earlier when he pulled into the yacht club in Midland, Texas in his Ford F-350, “drunk as a skunk and screamin’ YEEHAW!”

Unfortunately, the young problem drinker missed the parking lot completely, forcing a small Toyota Tercel off the road and into a 36-footer docked below. O’Rourke immediately called 911:

Dispatcher: 911 what’s your emergency?

Beto: Yes, hello. We need help at the Midland Marina.

Dispatcher: Midland is land-locked, sir.

Beto: Whatever you call it. There’s a lady stuck in a car. I ran he….she drove off the road for some reason.

Dispatcher: At a yacht club. In Midland.

Beto: Yes. How soon can you get someone here?

Dispatcher: About 7 minutes sir.

He seemed to have confessed to the crime of driving her off the road, which would mean he was drunk driving, since Club Security admitted he was drunk when he arrived.

By the time police and reporters got there, all they found was a woman with a big smile on her face taking pictures with Beto next to a picture of the funny spot her car was left in after he jumped to her rescue and got her out.

Once again, the media won’t report the truth and this time, the police were powerless to do anything. Democrats are cheaters. Plain and simple.

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