Congresswoman Omar Files $100M Lawsuit Against Judge Pirro

Just who the heckfire does she think she is? Ihlan Omar, the woman whose hijab has everyone in an uproar, has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Judge Jeannine Pirro. Omar, who isn’t even a real American, says Pirro caused her irreparable damage by calling her a terrorist and/or person who supports terrorism.

In reality, all Judge Pirro did was tell the truth as most Americans want to hear it. We’re afraid of what may happen if we don’t stay vigilant. We’re afraid of what will happen if we allow people who don’t look or think like us suddenly end up in our neighborhoods. We’re afraid of refugees, terrorists, immigrants, gangs, and drug addicts. And we know exactly what they look like.

Most of all, we’re just…afraid.

So when someone like Judge Jeannine says we have every right to be afraid because of Muslamics and their fake Moon God, Allahu. They don’t worship a real God. Everyone knows you can’t be a real American if you don’t worship as our founders worshipped.

Omar’s lawsuit also names Fox News, but she is on;y asking that they allow her on the air for a live, unedited debate with “literally any of the hacks you motherf*ckers call journalists.”

Yes, she put that disgusting language in a legal document. Welcome to Liberal America, people, where suicide vested evil waits in your bushes.

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