Judge Jeannine Pirro Takes a Job Consulting for the White House

Judge Jeannine Pirro may be down from her firing at Fox News, but she’s definitely not out. According to White House sources that may or may not be credible, Pirro has already started consulting for the President’s legal team. Constitutional mastermind, Rudy Giuliani, told a source:

“Judge Pirro is a talented legal mind. She knows Muslamics and other Islamatites don’t belong in our Christian government. The Rules of Congress in the 7th Amendment are clear as day. You can not have a person serve whose religion is so important that it could affect policy. That’s just common sense.”

Judge Pirro’s opinion that all Muslims are evil and should be sent away is a popular one among Trump supporters, especially retirees. It seems they’re very afraid that a Muslamic might end up making a decision they believe could be better made by a Christian. Not because of religion, mind you. But because their God isn’t real and they all believe they have to kill 100 Americans to get to their heaven, a place called Sto-Vo-Cor where “warriors” spend eternity fighting each other for God’s love.

Judge Pirro will work closely with the Trump legal team to not only defend against the witch hunt Mueller Investigation but to secure her own future as the replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As of now, she’s not making any statements and she’s staying out of the public eye.

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