US Attorney Orders Obama ‘Detained and De-Briefed’ For Meeting With Kim Jong Un in Vietnam

First, in case you haven’t heard, former President and leader of the Deep State, Barack Obama, was caught in a sit-down with Kim Jong Un at a local shop in downtown Vietnam.

The meeting, which went on for a couple of minutes of what looked like old friends laughing together, ended with Obama handing Dear Leader Kim a briefcase and going on his merry way back to the border of Thailand.

Word of the meeting escaped, however, and the media splashed it everywhere:

Obama Caught Meeting With Kim Jong Un in Vietnam

The question is, does this constitute a violation of federal diplomacy law? Obama is a former head of state, and anything he says could be construed as having come from the United States government. He might be speaking on behalf of Nancy Pelosi. He could be speaking on behalf of George Soros.

The bottom line is, The Bradbury Bill keeps him from being able to do that. Enacted in 1806 after former Secretary of War Mike Brady used his political power to secure a cushy job in a foreign government for his housekeeper and mistress, Alice. They built her an entire fake life and even had her engaged to Sam, the local butcher.

Obama broke that law. Now he’s going to have to pay. US Attorney Art Tubolls of the 4th District of New Hampshire says Obama is slated to land in his district at the Hampton International Airport and Sand Dollar Symposium. He’s flying in from Toronto in an effort to conceal his flight plan, but the DEA has been tracking him since he left Chicago in 1986, so they still have him tagged.

Once he’s in custody, the context of his meeting and what he gave to a foreign dictator and his enemy, who is also a friend of the current government and a strong ally, is what will matter most. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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