President Trump Pardons Manafort and Stone: ‘I Don’t Care About Protocol’

President Trump has decided that he’s done playing with the cheating Democrats and their gang of 13 investigators, including Robert Mueller. Tossing typical pardon protocols to the wind, Trump has granted clemency and immunity for all high crimes and misdemeanors under current indictment.

The move comes just after, the First Lady’s official forum for Be Best, released information that the Mueller investigation has been corrupted by the Clintons and their foundation.

The pardon is for any crimes they’ve already been charged with, and the immunity is for whatever the Democrat hitmen have on their plate. Manafort and Stone will also be given their rightful government pensions as aides to a United States President.

President trump’s Propaganda Minister, Art Tubolls, told Fox News:

“President Trump doesn’t care what nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer think. He’s in charge. He will be again in 2020, and he’s just named Donald Junior as his successor in 2024. The American people had better get used to the name Trump, and they’d better get used to it long term.”

Some saw the statement as some kind of a threat that the Trump family thinks it’s above the law and ready to take hold of the US Government as a dictator. His loyal followers say that would be just fine. Just make sure there’s an election every four years with a Trump on the ballot and we will take America and make it the Christian nation it should be.

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