Fake News NBC Finally Pulls The Plug – Saturday Night Live Canceled

After pressure from the White House, the FCC, and millions of angry fans demanding they stop disrespecting our President to no avail, NBC has finally shut down the lame show Saturday Night Live.

Fist, they canceled last nights live performance in favor of a re-run that barely talked about politics. Then, afterward, Lorne Michaels made the announcement that NBC had ended production and that his show was dead in the water:

“I think I blame myself, mostly. When Trump was elected we should have known that the giant man-baby would stomp his feet until the adults stopped making fun of him. He’s a turd and a gift to satire and parody. unfortunately, he’s also a child stuck in a man’s body.”

Michaels has basically sealed his fate with those statements, as Paramount, Universal and Disney have all blacklisted any and all former SNL performers and their characters. According to Press Secretary, Sarah Huckleberry Sanders, the cancellation couldn’t have come soon enough:

“The President is thrilled that the fake news NBC has stopped criticizing him and hiding it under the guise of proffering ‘satire.’ Satire has to be funny to every person who sees it otherwise it doesn’t qualify. That’s according to the liberal ‘fact-checker’ Snopes, so go talk to them if you don’t like it.”

We asked Snopes for a comment, but they were, unfortunately, too busy bailing the owner out of jail on another charge of hookers and blow that they never answered. It has been well established, however, that they have no sense of humor and should probably stop scamming the public for donations.

None of the actors, directors or producers have any idea what they’re going to do next. Alec Baldwin has already pulled up a stool at Paddy’s in South Boston for the long haul.

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