UPDATE: Busted DC Madame’s Book of Names Leaked to Tabloids for $1 Million

The woman arrested for running a ring of perversion for DC Democrats kept a list of her customers. That list has now been obtained by the nation’s biggest tabloid “news” outlets, Headline News (from CNN) and The Globe, which has the 4th highest circulation in the world.

Speculation is that the deal was made for the DC Madame through a dark web transaction for nearly a million dollars. There’s proof of the transaction, in BitCoin, all over Twitter.

As for the names, several were released for free, including Maine Democrat Senator Stuart Boll, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and Republican Joe Manchin.

Shortly after reports of the Madame’s book went public, 11 US Congressmen and 3 women, all Democrats, announced publicly that they won’t be running for re-election now that they expect to be outed for soliciting perversion. Their names aren’t yet available to the public.

We’ll try to keep the story updated, but as of now, including the 112 names we’ve already reported on, we have no more information now than we did before we got here.

The President hasn’t released a statement condemning the Democrats, instead insisting that “all Americans stop focusing on what happens in the privacy of a man’s bedroom. A guy’s rubber sheets are nobody else’s business.

Some of his critics say he was ulterior motives but honestly, we can’t think of any.


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