Supreme Court Rules National Emergency Order ‘Within the Powers of the POTUS’

The US Supreme Court has taken a nearly unprecedented action and intervened — of its own volition — in the matter of the National Emergency lawsuit brought by socialist liberals.

Before today, the Supreme Court had only ever intervened in matters without being petitioned twice. Once when Lincoln freed the slaves and the Democrats revolted, and the next time when the Democrats wanted to tear down all of the Confederate statues, stepping on the heritage of rural Americans whose families fought against Northern Aggression.

In both cases, the Democrats lost. Not only did the republicans free the slaves, they also solidified the heroes of the South who fought bravely alongside their house companions — no matter what color they were or who owned them — to fight off the racist Democrats.

It seems like no matter where you turn in History, the Democrats are at the base of every problem. How a single party can manage to be responsible for every war, the failures of trickle-down, Obamacare and how that nightmare ended and then there’s the $400 million that Clinton and Obama stole.

This time, in a unanimous decision rendered under Article 3 Section 29 of the US Bill of Rights, Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote:

“This court is not meant to sit in judgment of the leader of our country. Our job is to make sure his orders are followed first and reviewed later. At this juncture, there is no reason to believe the President would issue such an order without proof. Upon furnishing evidence of the crimes and atrocities at the Southern Border, the lawsuits will be dismissed with prejudice and the funds for construction released.”

Showing footage of the rapes, murders, and drug activity should be easy. According to the White House, not only is it an issue, it’s very open and viewable.

There are literally people from across the globe, mostly men with beards between 20 and 25 years old, pouring across the border at every passable point.

In some places, there is nothing for miles but a river and unclimbable canyon walls and still, they manage to get across with donkeys and goats stuffed with bags of heroin and bloogies.


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