Denzel Washington Leaves Democrat Party: ‘I’ve Had it With the Lies’

Denzel Washington, who has never stepped outside the realm of acting to engage in politics, has taken a stand. It won’t be very popular with Democrats. In an interview with America’s Last Line of Defense, Denzel said that he couldn’t handle the constant lies and that he’s turning his attention to helping team Trump:

“The Democrats are just liars. I mean…I’ve seen it. They make Facebook pages and write fake stories with sensational headlines to prove conservatives don’t research, which is preposterous. The liberals are the ones who can’t do facts.

The fact is, my brothers like R. Kelly and Jussie Smollett are showing the true nature of our society and how out of control it is. I mean…We’re letting kids listen to music older people might not like and encouraging them to dress, speak, and act like their opinion matters. What we say goes, kids. Sit down.”

Washington’s harsh words resonated through Hollywood. The Actor’s Guild responded by donating $10K to Planned Parenthood, saying that only generosity can counter the ignorance of someone like Washington, who they say is “turning his back on his own people.”

For the record, Denzel Washington is black but he hasn’t ever reported being gay. He’s a single man with no dating history who spends a lot of time in church. He’s perfect Republican material. That and we can go ahead and mark off another on the list. At the latest tally, we had reached just enough to claim a majority in North Dakota.

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