RNC Headquarters Arsonist Arrested


Last week, a Connecticut Republican National Committee office burned to the ground in the middle of the night. The office housed important Clinton documents that, according to officials, “shed new light on Clinton’s email scandal and Uranium One.”

Many — but not all — of those files have been since recovered thanks to a backup server in the home of an RNC official and have been turned over to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Until Wednesday night, the identity of the person responsible for setting the office ablaze was a mystery. But Stepford police say they now have a suspect in custody: Democrat political blogger and native of West Virginia John Prager.

Prager once worked for Addicting Info, Occupy Democrats, and other leftist misinformation sites. Prager has also worked as an intern for Nancy Pelosi. Now, apparently, he has taken up arson as a hobby.

Prager regularly posts unhinged ramblings about are great President on Facebook. He has been known to associate with many leftist terrorists and has in the past said he hopes President Trump’s “heart gives out on live TV because of his steady Big Mac diet so that we can watch America truly become great.”

Prager was arrested Wednesday morning after a lengthy investigation involving the FBI, DHS, Stepford Police, and the OPP. He has been released on $29 million bail, though the identity of the person who paid for his release has not been made public. He faces 29 years in prison.

It is unknown who hired him, though we can reasonably guess that it was someone in the Clinton camp. Well, guess what John? President Trump and Real Americans had the last laugh.