Pelosi: ‘Green New Deal’ Will Give Free Homes To ‘Undocumented DREAMers’

Democrats love free stuff — and they love giving it to people who come into this country illegally. As you know, more than 50% of illegal immigrants who Obama allowed to stay in this country receive Welfare and Food stamps. You’re probably also aware that these so-called “DREAMers” receive free education through the public school system as well as free college thanks to a series of bills passed by Obama and his Democrat Congress in 2009. Now, Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats want to give them free houses too.

“The Green New Deal will be good for all Americans, even those who came to our country chasing the American Dream,” Pelosi said Thursday during an appearance on MSNBC. “And we’re going to do right by DREAMers.”

“We will fight to provide them with the education they deserve, as well as the opportunity to qualify for federal grants that will provide them with homes at little or even no cost,” she added. “Ultimately, this will help the environment.” She did not explain how it would help the environment.

Asked how Democrats intend to finance this, Pelosi said that “there is plenty of money in President Trump’s wall fund that can be reallocated in 2021 when we have a Democrat President.”

“Republicans hate anyone of color,” Pelosi said. “But we intend to do right by them.”

Real Americans, of course, realize that this is a massive waste of money. What about homeless veterans? What about people who live in rural areas who are losing their homes? What about OUR children? Why can’t we take care of them?

Every dollar spent to help illegals takes something away from people who live here. From people who are actually Americans. This money should be spent on the wall and nothing else. It’s all about our national security.

Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are disgusting, and it’s time for us to end them. Vote red — across the board.