UPDATE: Destroyed Clinton Files Found On Backup Server

A shocking new development has happened in the case of the Clinton data that was destroyed in a fire that broke out in the middle of the night at a Republican National Committee headquarters in Connecticut. While the files –and hard copies — were thought lost forever, it turns out there were backups.

There are still no suspects in the fire, which was lit last week in the middle of the night. It spread through the security office, the records room, and an additional room that contained “sensitive data.” The sensitive data in question was previously undisclosed and unreleased Clinton data that was supposed to be turned over to Robert Mueller this week.

RNC officials told TheBlaze last week that the files contain “damning evidence that Clinton not only colluded with the Russians but with Iran and Iraq as well.”

“We thought the files were lost,” said RNC spokesman Richard Bender on Wednesday. “But it turns out that one of our leaders had copies stored at home.” Not all of the files were saved, but anything that had a digital copy was on the Director’s hard drive. The files were turned over to Mueller’s office on Tuesday.

It’s unclear if Mueller, who seems to be completely corrupt, will do anything with the information. But if he does, Clinton is done. Cooked. Finished. Caput.