National Emergency at Southern Border Caught on Tape – Mainstream Media Says Nothing

When President Trump declared a national emergency on our southern border, he wasn’t kidding. According to reports, hundreds of millions of people from around the world want to come to America to grab the free stuff Nancy Pelosi and the Demonrats give away in exchange for illegal votes.

Now, a major conspiracy by all of the big “News” networks is unfolding — and nobody is talking about it.

They’re tearing down barriers and forming drunken hunting patrols. They’re bringing the drugs, just like the President says. And the press has proof…that they will NOT release.

ABC News is said to have footage that they call “irrelevant” to the National Emergency, but that we would call very relevant. NBC is said to have proof of drug activity affecting both sides of the border. Even Fox News, which is supportive of our President less and less these days, is withholding evidence that the illegalists are going out “hunting for Americans” in the middle of the night.

President Trump says he won’t back down, and he won’t. He’s suing the networks to make them release the truth.

The ABC footage shows three boys, at least 15-years-old (prime age for terroristic training) breaking through a barrier in El Paso. They run to a spot a mile or so away where locals have left a box of food, supplies, and medicine, exposing not only a breach in National Security but that we have people over here breaking the law to help these monstrous children.

According to NBC News Director, Lars Tolbut, his network was under direct orders from the Speaker of the House’s Office to not release the evidence of drug activity they came across while filming a series on the private militia patriots patrolling the border:

“They said we had to squash the talk of what these guys found. These are nearly well-trained amateur professionals we’re talking about here. Two of them swore on a bible that they smelled marijuana while watching a pack of illegalists camped on the Mexico side.

Those are the people Pelosi wants here.”

Two out of three of these brave men swear they smelled marijuana

As for Fox News, well…they have the worst evidence of all, and nobody will talk about it. According to a source that may or may not have worked for Sean Hannity, the network has proof that a group of “refugees” was spotted having a drunken rally, with more than a dozen rowdy people and a bottle of tequila out in the open.

You won’t ever see it, however, because the Globalists own everything. The best thing we can do is to give Trump as much power as possible to fight back for the little guy.

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